Creating SharePoint Reports with Microsoft Office Excel 2003/07

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 has the ability to sync with EPM Live SharePoint workspaces.  By leveraging Microsoft Office Excel 2007 as a reporting tool you have the ability to create several different dynamic reports.  (Click here to see a short video on how to create reports with Microsoft Office Excel 2007)

1.  Open Microsoft Office Excel 2007

2.  From your SharePoint site navigate to the list that you want to create your report from.  (Images indicate Project Center list.)

3.  Choose the view with the data that you want to report on.

4.  Click the “Actions” button and choose the “Export to Spreadsheet” option.

5.  Click “Open”

6.  Click “Enable” when the security notice window pops up.

7.  Choose the type of chart/table or both that you would like to create and click “OK”.

8.  Chose the data that you want to report on by checking the box next to it.

9.  You can now close the PivotChart Filter Pane and the Pivot Table Field List unless you want to set up a filter.

10. Right click on the chart itself if you want to change the chart type.

11.  Choose your chart type and click “OK”

Note:  You can save your report locally or back to your SharePoint site.

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