Effective Project Management Requires Teamwork and Collaboration

Projects are happening at every level and in every department of the modern organization.  Companies invest heavily in the successful completion of these projects, yet even with the support they need, many of these projects are unsuccessful in fulfilling their defined goals. A study done by The Standish Group reports that 51% of all projects come in over budget or run past the original deadlines.


Strategic planners and project managers develop plans that have a strong likelihood of success, gather the right people to implement that plan, and then guide that work toward project completion.  But as every project manager knows, having the best plan and the highest performers onboard isn’t nearly enough. Ineffective communication and lack of team collaboration will cause even the best plan to fail. Emails and Spreadsheets are important, but insufficient tools to ensure project success across the organization.  Project managers need tools that parallel a more effective Enterprise Project Management (EPM) methodology and enable them to manage their projects within a the dynamic cycle of planning, communicating, tracking, and analyzing projects toward a defined goal.


EPM Live Workgroup solutions respond to this need for collaboration and communication tools by offering a lightweight version of Enterprise Project Management functionality to the workgroup level of the company.  The EPM Live Workgroup solutions are a lightweight version of project planning and collaborative tools that have been tried and tested in enterprise level workplaces. This brings high level coordination technology options down into the day-to-day work level of the office workspace.  These tools transform the world’s leading project planning software, Microsoft® Office Project 2007, into a living, working, and interactive landscape.


The EPM Live Workgroup solution works in a three step dynamic methodology:


  1. Planning. Develop successful project plans with Microsoft® Office Project 2007. This industry preferred tool brings the right blend of usability, power, and flexibility to create a roadmap to success. Create schedules, tasks, project timelines, and milestones that help teams work together toward important goals. Use industry specific project templates that help jumpstart the project management process.


  1. Communication. Collaborate with new or existing plans using the Project Publisher add-on for Microsoft® Office Project 2007 and any Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site or users who don’t own SharePoint can select an online hosted version.  Share responsibilities using the flexible Task or Assignment based publishing. Individual contributors can update and share key information in a collaborative work environment.


  1. Tracking and Analyzing. Project managers use reporting tools to guide the project toward a successful outcome from the centralized Workgroup dashboard. Track project-specific information with reports that allow quick access to needed information. Identify risks and issues, formulate course corrections, and instantly communicate project adjustments to the entire team.


This cycle repeats until the project is successful!


EPM Live Workgroup completes this winning cycle linking proven desktop technology to online collaboration functionality.  This “EPM Workgroup” solution empowers individual contributors to take greater responsibility for their roles in the project and enables the project manager and planner to guide the entire team in more collaborative ways than have been possible before. The tools allow the project manager to loop in valuable but hesitant performers, better leverage the strengths of top performers, and improve the workflow of all involved.  By standardizing project information flows, everyone on the team can update the status of their individual contributions, understand key issues and risks, and maintain up to date ownership of their responsibilities so that the project stays on course. 


Leveraging the EPM Live Workgroup solution will help Project Managers plan effectively, communicate the plan with the team, and track and analyze success.  Using this iterative process and the collaborative tools that go with it allows the plan to be adjusted to keep the projects on track to completion.


The EPM Live Workgroup solution is available with two affordable deployment options:


EPM Live Workgroup SaaS or Software + Service. Organizations looking to combine the power of online services with the richness of their everyday Microsoft® Office Project 2007 application can leverage the EPM Live Workgroup service.  Visit www.epmlive.com for more information and a 30 day free trial


EPM Live Workgroup On-premise. Organizations already using Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Microsoft® Office Project 2007 can leverage the power of collaboration with the Project Publisher add-on. A quick and easy installation adds a publishing menu to Microsoft Office Project’s menu bar creating a simple one-click step to synchronize .mpp files with Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 sites.


Visit http://www.epmlive.com for more information and a 30 day free trial




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