The Mission
Based in San Diego, California, EPM Live was founded with the vision of helping project teams that use Microsoft Office Project increase their efficiency and achieve higher levels of project ROI. We then set out to design, build and provide all workgroups and project teams with cost-effective, online collaborative workspaces that enable project managers and team members to work more closely together and drive project success.
The Vision
EPM Live’s vision is to become the workgroup collaboration solution provider of choice for project teams and workgroups who are in pursuit of greater levels of success. Our business strategy is to build long-term, strong relationships with customers and business partners by focusing and delivering intuitive project management and workgroup collaboration solutions for Microsoft Office Project. EPM Live thrives on continued learning, refinement and application of new techniques and protocols using cutting-edge business technologies and methodologies. We are motivated to further grow and pioneer the next generation of project management collaboration tools.
The Demand for Software + Service
As the economy continues to change, the need for project management collaboration continues to grow as well. EPM Live provides a framework to make the unpredictable predictable and the impossible possible so that organizations can thrive in today’s ever changing business climate. In a competitive marketplace a collaborative project management solution implemented today could mean the difference between being a market leader or a follower. Traditionally, IT organizations have been challenged with responding to their customer’s needs for project management collaboration. EPM Live™ is the most convenient, quickest and cost-effective workgroup collaboration solution for Microsoft Office Project 2007 providing project teams with greater levels of communication and collaboration.
The EPM Live Advantage
1) Anytime, Anyone, Anywhere, On-Demand – Anyone and everyone can use EPM Live. Whether you’re an executive, project manager, partner or team member you can connect with EPM Live from anywhere in the world and collaborate with your fellow team members.

2) Designed by and For Microsoft Office Project Users – EPM Live is designed specifically by and for Microsoft Office Project desktop users. We use Microsoft Office Project just like you and we know how important it is to collaborate, so we’ve integrated an enhanced set of online collaborative workspaces that will connect project teams and drive project success in your organization.

3) Greater Utilization – Most organizations need basic collaboration capabilities. A majority of the solutions in the marketplace today offer either too many features or require you to learn something new altogether. EPM Live leverages familiar applications like Microsoft Office Project 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 allowing organizations to quickly and easily get started.

4) Cost Effective – EPM Live lets project teams quickly and easily collaborate in less time with little to NO IT footprint required! Because EPM Live leverages the Microsoft Office Project desktop application and we allow you to connect to an enhanced virtual workspace, you can be up and running in less time than it takes to build a schedule!

5) Scalable – EPM Live allows organizations of all sizes to utilize and focus on the features and capabilities that are most important to them. You can easily add more users to your workspace and/or create multiple workspaces for multiple projects when you want. No additional IT requirements and no hardware to purchase.

EPM Live is the leading online Workgroup collaboration solution for Microsoft Office Project 2007. EPM Live™ delivers an end to end scalable solution to meet the needs of everyone in the organization. EPM Live™ leverages familiar applications like Microsoft Office Project, Microsoft Office Project Server 2007, Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services to make collaboration easy, secure and scalable.
Performance and Security
Our state of the art data centers in San Diego, California offer the latest in advanced security measures, environmental control systems and fault tolerant power and networking. Our strategy is to provide a highly secure environment that uses role based permissions and a scalable network to deliver a high-capacity/high performance enterprise system.
A Higher Standard in Services
We provide a highly trained support team to provide on demand support. Our award winning team of system professionals, expert technologists and network engineers provide 24/7 support ensuring 99% uptime. Through our partner network we offer additional deployment and stabilization services such as training, technical support, onsite project control specialists and system monitoring and administration to maximize your return on investment and expedite your time to value.
On-Going System Maintenance and Support
Our team of seasoned and highly skilled technology professionals constantly monitors your system with the goal of minimizing downtime and maximizing uptime. EPM Live™ managed services include support for: custom coding (if needed), integration with other critical Line of Business systems and third party add-ons. Moreover, EPM Live™ offers critical managed services such as high security features, improved availability, deployment support, on-going monitoring and maintenance and system administration.

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